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“Singer Bethany Neville has a fantastic voice, and guitarist Dave Ben Lee has a repertoire of huge riffs, and together they have some remarkable harmonies. These guys are well worth catching again, I look forward to watching them develop.” Grant Ottley, The March 2020

 “A Hard rock, Gothed out, extravaganza of a live show that music dreams are made of”

Charlotte Rose Graham, The Music Producer  Oct 2019

“Accidental President’s sound is hard-edged and raucous, definitely post-grunge and heavy, and as tight as a bank vault, but it’s the cutting edge tunes and immediately memorable melodies which impress the most.” Shane Pinnegar, 100% Rock Magazine

"This is definitely music to fight for a better future with". = MangoWave

Sharp, cutting guitar riffs and tones. Powerhouse vocals that will blow you away again and again. This debut album is an incredibly strong showing of raw talent and honed skill.  TheArkofMusic

“Dave Ben Lee is truly a master of the rock guitar. The inspiration of the classic masters of the instrument through hard rock’s past can be felt mightily.” IndieBandGuru