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Ready Kid?

A sound bomb both instrumentally and technically as well as for the inspiration and panache it manages to convey. Ready Kid? it’s a song suitable for unleashing crowds at live performances. A formidable sound ride that will change your day and send you into ecstasy. Felice Capasso, System Failure

Album Reviews

"This is an incredibly satisfying setlist of songs. I’m really taken with Accidental President, the band and this album. The lineup is really solid, the music is really strong," Richard Proctor, Velvet Thunder

"A brilliantly engaging album that mixes atmospheric gothic, intricate metal vibes and a soaring classic rock mood from start to finish. This superb album connects with listeners in many ways." Stefan Chilvers, 

"Among decidedly very original riffs, a good dose of natural histrionics, seasoned by the echoing voice and the well-orchestrated choirs by Bethany and associates, we will hear more about this band." Laura Pescatori,

LIVE Reviews

“Bethany has a fantastic voice, and guitarist Dave Ben Lee has a repertoire of huge riffs, and together they have some remarkable harmonies. I look forward to watching them develop.” Grant Ottley, The March 2020

“A Hard rock, Gothed out, extravaganza of a live show that music dreams are made of”

Charlotte Rose Graham, The Music Producer  Oct 2019

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